About the Artist


Born in inner City Chicago to a young couple in their early twenties. During his early development around 3 years old, Bourn Rich experienced a tragic break up of his parents. His mother packed up leaving Chicago and my father for a better life in LA. From that moment on he had to be the little man of the house. His childhood memories include sports leagues, basketball baseball football, and also the LA graffiti hip hop and skateboarding scene.

As a result, his work regularly includes subtle images and symbols reflective of this formative early period of his childhood. Later in life, he witnessed he's mothers health decline which made him quit college to be closer to her take care of her. "Art has definitely saved my life and my mother's life." His art is deeply infused by these experiences rooted in his diverse interests, unusual life experiences, and deeply founded ideals, Rich’s art translates his unique perspective into visual imagery that is vibrantly bright and touching. Bourn Rich has also devoted his time traveling the world teaching kids and at-risk youth how to become artists helping them to reimagine a better life.  

He currently resides in Los Angeles where he actively paints murals, canvas and does street art.


Series 6